Tobago and Learn how to sail

name Sunset Reef Villa Tobago is a fabulous villa with panoramic sea views a great place to stay for your villa and sailing holiday.
I have been sailing now for some 20 years and really enjoyed every minute of it. Learning to sail can be quite daunting but when you get started you just don't seem to be able to stop.
I have sailed extensively now and i can tell you there's no better achievement than actually arriving at a new port of call under your own navigation and sailing skills.
I have my own yacht a Gulf Star 45 feet and was fortunate enough to sail her on her maiden voyage from Grenada to Tobago in the Caribbean, we had a great sail in perfect sailing conditions.
As well as sailing my own yacht I have sailed other people’s yachts on passages form Chichester in the UK to Cartagena in Spain, from Brest in France to Waterford in Ireland, Hull to Boulogne in France. I have also chartered yachts with friends out of Sweden, Croatia, Tobago, Spain, Cuba, and America. The world is your oyster when it comes to sailing.
We offer Stay and Sail Packages in Tobago so you can get the practical side of sailing with the author a fabulous sailing ground.
I hope you enjoy and learn something from my articles I have written and also my E Book “Learn to sail now” which can be purchased from my web site.

He’s to great sailing and hope to see you in Tobago?

Clive Peterson

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