Learning How to Sail - Sailing on a Budget

Published: 06th May 2009
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Learning How to Sail - Sailing on a Budget

When embarking out learning how to sail there is always the inevitable how much will it cost? The answer is never going to be clear but here are some tips to help in the process.

Listing out the topics from the start of the learning to sail process to actually sailing in a boat owned by you or by others, can help. Here are some helpful starting points.

Acquiring information

Find out firstly all you can about sailing from sailing magazines, e books, and hard back books, getting to know the basics can save you money in the long run and can help to put the broader picture together for you.

Training Courses

To obtain qualifications in sailing and become competent in the sport you will have to include in your budget money for the varying course available from the approved sail training schools. This information is readily available from the various sailing bodies such as RYA (Royal Yachting Association) in the UK.

When preparing your training budget do not forget to include your time, as some of the courses can be up to two weeks in duration.

Sailing Clubs

To start with one of the most cost effective ways to actually get out on the water and learn the practical side to sailing is to join a sailing club.

Sailing clubs generally have a small fleet of dinghies that have been purchased for the club from the membership fees paid by the clubs members. The boat maintenance is cost effectively undertaken by the club members and used as another part of the learning to sail process.

Some sailing clubs also have qualified tutors so some of your sailing qualification budget can be ascertained here.

Yacht Crewing

When you get a little further down the line and wanting to venture out on a larger yacht it is worth getting involved with a local yacht marina. Lots of people own there own yachts but are always looking round for suitable crew when they are short handed. You have now obtained your basic sailing knowledge and probably some qualifications from your involvement with the sailing club, so you would be viewed most favourably by the yacht owner a suitable crew.

This could be to help them in a yacht race or on a day sailing cruise and even to a long haul passage and do not forget this is not costing you anything.

Yacht Ownership

You are know possibly in a position where you would like to own your own yacht and have more sailing flexibility but you with a restricted budget.

One of the ways to combat this is to consider a yacht sharing ownership scheme. This has become very popular in recent years as not only are you sharing the yacht purchase but also sharing the mooring fees, maintenance and insurance costs associated with owning a yacht.

Yachting Careers

If you do not fancy the above but you are now so passionate about sailing, then you may want to consider taking on a sailing career.

There are lots of opportunities out there for crewing, and skippering of yachts either by yacht owners or agencies depending on the qualifications you have obtained.

Now your sailing budget is in return as you are now getting paid for something you really love doing!

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